U.S. Student Athlete 2-day Boot Camp – 14 teaching hours (Years 18-22)

The U.S. Student Athlete 2-day boot camp material has been prepared for college student athletes who may or may not turn professional in the future.   We have tried to make the material as simple and practical as possible so that it becomes a useful tool for student athletes. 

Being financially literate and empowered to live the life they aspire to have is useful to every one of us, no matter what type of career we are into and no matter at which phase of life we are.  The material contained in this particular program is geared towards all student athletes regardless of what career path they choose to follow in the future.

What we aim to ensure with our boot camp program, is that young athletes acquire a basic understanding and education on business and financial key factors which will help them achieve the life they aspire to have, both during their playing, business or other career years and past their retirement.   

The Student Athlete 2-day program consists of 14 teaching hours and it touches upon and gives a bird’s eye view on the following areas:

DAY 1:

o   The Financial Failure of Athletes

o   Financial Psychology

o   Creating your Winning Team of Advisors

o   Personal Goals, Financial Planning, Savings & Budgeting

o   Banking, Credit and Debt

o   Risk Management & Insurance

DAY 2:

o   Investments

o   The Economic Environment, Contracts and Taxes

o   Building your Brand & Monetizing on your Image

o   Student Athlete Issues

o   Post Sports Career Development


Materials given to Licensees for each of the above modules:

o   Teaching Material

o   Presentation which can be handed out to students

o   Recommended video library which will contain two videos to be utilized when presenting each module


Implementation and Timing

The above curriculum may implemented during two consecutive days, either during the week or during the weekend, or on two separate occasions, depending on the schedule and commitments of student athletes.  The curriculum is licensed for a period of three years and we offer training to educators who will undertake the teaching of the boot camp.  We conduct one 90-minute Train-The-Trainer session which may be done via skype or any other electronic medium the Licensee wishes to use. 

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