U.S. Soccer Academy 3-year Senior program (Years 16-18)

The U.S. Soccer Academy Senior program addresses the needs of athletes of ages 16 to 18.  It is a three year program and each annual curriculum consists of the following:

(a)    Four 90-minute Youth Empowerment lessons

(b)    Four 90-minute Financial Literacy lessons

(c)    Two 90-minute Parents’ lessons

We also allow for one session where any potential program sponsors may present their organization and connect with the parents of athletes.  Usually this is done in the second parents’ session each year, by allowing a half hour to the sponsor to present their organization and connect with the parents at the end of the session.  

The program’s Youth Empowerment lessons explain concepts such as building powerful communication skills, dealing with peer pressure and negative influences, motivation, momentum and acceleration, investing in constant learning, preparing for the NCAA recruitment process and navigating through the college recruitment process, tackling student athlete issues such as choosing a major, and dealing with the temptations of being a student athlete. 

The Financial Literacy curriculum of the program deals with the financial vulnerability of athletes and how they can hedge against it with proper financial planning, the sudden wealth phenomenon, financial setbacks, creating a winning team of advisors, the economic environment, contracts and taxes, investments, risk management and insurance, building the sports personal brand, post career development, entrepreneurship and business fundamentals. 

The Parents’ modules guide parents in encouraging and supporting their children with both academics and sports, and they discuss how parents can prepare for the financial challenges of sending their children to college.  In addition, they include presentations on the NCAA recruitment criteria to help parents guide their children through college recruitment and thus enable them to make the right decisions


Materials given to Licensees along with each module:

o   Parents’ Modules

(a)    Teaching Material

(b)    Presentation which can be handed out to the parents

o   Youth Empowerment Modules

(a)    Teaching Material

(b)    Presentation which can be handed out to students

(c)    Workbook with exercises to be handed out to students

o   Financial Literacy Modules

o   Teaching Material

o   Presentation which can be handed out to students

o   Workbook with exercises to be handed out to students

o   Mentoring Guidelines

o   Teaching Methods for Youngsters Module

(a)    Reading material & training guidelines for prospective teachers

(b)    Presentation

o   Recommended video library which will contain two videos to be utilized when presenting each Youth Empowerment and Financial Literacy module

Recommended Annual Sessions Schedule


Parents Session

Youth Empowerment Session

Financial Literacy Session

































Implementation and Timing

The above curriculum is usually implemented from October to May, during the school year, by scheduling one to two 90-minute presentations per month as per the above suggested schedule.  The curriculum is licensed for a period of three years and the Licensee has to designate one or two educators who will undertake the task of teaching the curriculum to the Academy Students.  The designated educators will be trained by the APC SFLA staff during the three-month period prior to the implementation of the program (July to September).  There are three 90-minute Train-The-Trainer sessions and they are done via skype or any other electronic medium the Licensee wishes to use. 

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