U.S. Student Athlete Comprehensive 11-module program – 28 teaching hours program (Years 18-22)

 The U.S. Student Athlete Comprehensive program extensively covers 11 modules with a minimum of two to three hours per module.  It delves deep into the material covered and it prepares student athletes well for what is ahead of them whether that is a sports career or a conventional career.  This program is all about teaching useful life skills which give student athletes an edge in real life and it covers the following areas in depth, with each module covering one particular area:

o   The Financial Failure of Athletes – 2 hours

o   Financial Psychology – 2 hours

o   Creating your Winning Team of Advisors – 2 hours

o   Personal Goals, Financial Planning, Savings & Budgeting – 3 hours

o   Banking, Credit and Debt – 3 hours

o   Risk Management & Insurance – 2 hours

o   Investments – 3 hours

o   The Economic Environment, Contracts and Taxes – 2 hours

o   Building your Brand & Monetizing on your Image – 3 hours

o   Student Athlete Issues – 3 hours

o   Post Sports Career Development – 3 hours


Materials given to Licensees along with each module:

o   Teaching Material

o   Presentation which can be handed out to students

o   Workbook with exercises to be handed out to students

o   Recommended video library which will contain two videos to be utilized when presenting each module


Implementation and Timing

There is a lot of flexibility in delivering this particular curriculum. The curriculum can be implemented either as a week-long workshop or it can be delivered in the form of weekly or monthly sessions.  The curriculum is licensed for a period of three years and we offer training to educators designated by the Licensee.  We include two 90-minute Train-The-Trainer sessions in the license package, which may be done via skype or any other electronic medium the Licensee wishes to use. 

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