The Three Pillars of our Programs

Pillar # 1: Financial Literacy

Financial Education programs are a key essential to the optimal development of young and older athletes. The percentage of student athlete players who will go on to the professional level, ranges between 0,5% to 1% of all student athletes. Therefore, the vast majority of student athletes may very well end up having a conventional non-sporting career and these youngsters need to be given the necessary life skills which will help them in whatever endeavor they pursue in their life. In addition, professional athletes need to be educated about money, personal finances and financial options so that they acquire the ability to make wise decisions concerning money.

Financial literacy is globally acknowledged as an important element of economic and financial stability and development. The development of appropriate financial skills is shown to boost entrepreneurship and provides athletes with additional tools in case they ever experience financial hardship.

Pillar # 2: Empowerment and Mentoring

Personal development programs strengthen the whole person, not just the athlete!

Research shows that a large number of people, young and old athletes included, doubt whether they can achieve their goals.  Many youngsters especially, are not motivated to achieve, do not know how to plan or make decisions, and do not feel a sense of purpose.  Through our empowerment and mentoring programs we help athletes to:

·        Exercise critical thinking

·        Be open to diversity

·        Have respect for others and their values

·        Cultivate self awareness

·        Develop resilience

·        Be proactive

·        Form good habits 

·        Invest in themselves by constantly learning

Pillar # 3: Sport Parenting

Sport Parenting enables parents of young athletes to encourage and support them with both academics and sports and it also guides parents to prepare for the financial challenges of sending their children to college/university. 

In addition, through our courses parents become better prepared to handle the scenario where their athlete child is not professionally successful in their sport; sport parenting equips them better to deal with the hurdles of this scenario. 

Parents benefit by being included in the development of their children and they are given insight as to how to help their children become successful adults and guide them in designing their life after sport.

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