Personal Growth and Development of Athletes

Currently, sports academies and clubs are focusing on creating the conditions necessary to produce world class players. As such, they tend to concentrate on teaching ‘the sport’ rather than teaching athletes valuable life skills along with mastering sporting tactics. The current focus of sports academies and clubs on talent development and exceptional sporting performance, is more of a one-sided approach. 

This approach benefits the sporting aspect alone and does not focus on the player as a whole person. The trend right now is for both sports clubs and academies to move to a more holistic model of developing their athletes. As part of this holistic model, and in addition to the athletic development of their players, academies and clubs are diversifying their approach to include education, empowerment, psychological and financial development and other life skills. Also, as part of moving towards a holistic model, sports clubs and academies devote time on the commercial development of their athletes and educate them on career choices, lifestyle choices and success orientation.

A major component of the holistic model movement has to do with the psychological development of athletes through which athletes are empowered to develop aspirations and become confident enough to turn these aspirations into reality. 

Through our youth empowerment programs we contribute to the Personal Growth and Development of athletes by empowering them to develop aspirations and become confident enough to turn these aspirations into reality.

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