Financial Literacy

All of our financial education programs include learning basic financial concepts, financial goal setting and the specifics on creating, implementing and maintaining a financial freedom plan. The core financial literacy areas covered through our programs which are in line with the guidelines of the US National Financial Educators Council are:

• Financial Psychology

• Personal Financial Planning, Savings & Budgeting

• Banking, Credit & Debt

• Risk Management & Insurance

• Investments

• The Economic Environment & Taxes

• Building your Brand & Monetizing on your image

• Post Career Development, Entrepreneurship & Business Fundamentals

Youth Empowerment

To further assist athletes, especially the young ones, in reaching their full potential, we have designed a sports dedicated Youth Empowerment Curriculum, based on the Success Foundation Guidelines. This program is aimed towards young athletes who are now developing their own personality.

Our program aims to empower young athletes to create the life they want, no matter how difficult it may seem, by just implementing small simple changes in their everyday life. The young athletes are urged to never stop dreaming, turn their dreams into feasible goals and make them come true.

The empowerment program is supplementary to the Financial Literacy Program and is usually implemented in parallel to the Financial Literacy program.

Mentorship Program

A successful mentoring program connects young people with caring adult mentors who provide their mentees with an experienced friend who is there to help in any number of situations. To ascertain maximum impact in the long term and to enhance the positive effects of our financial literacy and youth empowerment programs, we urge Sports Organizations, Clubs and Academies to adopt mentorship programs. Mentorship will offer youngsters the moral support and life guidance they need to create and implement their life plan based on the concepts taught in both the personal growth and financial literacy modules.

Building a successful mentoring program is challenging. There are a myriad of components to establish and oversee: the actual mentoring process; mentor recruitment and training; day-to-day operations; public relations efforts; budget allocations; evaluative data collection and tracking; and much more.

Our mentoring programs are based on the practices established in the Elements of Effective Practice guidelines for running safe and effective mentoring programs, published by the U.S. National Mentoring Partnership. We suggest that after the completion of the financial literacy program, a mentorship program is put in place to ensure maximum and long term impact of the concepts taught in the financial literacy program.

On Site Training

Our educational programs can be customized and offered at different venues, however it is convenient for our clients whether they are Sports Clubs, Sports Academies, Player Associations, and so forth.

The curriculum, duration and frequency of the program can vary according to the modules and form chosen. Some popular forms are:

• Season Long Seminars (usually once a month with a half or full day duration)

• One or two day workshops or boot camps

• Three hour seminars covering either a specific topic or giving a general overview of financial literacy principles.

The program to be implemented can be given a name to accommodate sponsors. This allows our clients to work with brands which are willing to sponsor the event and cover the relevant costs.

The curriculum of the program can be customized and adapted to the specific needs and age group of the participants as well as to the specific outcomes that the clients wish to achieve through the program.

Online Coaching and Training

Professional Athletes live a very busy lifestyle, spending most of their time training and travelling. Online coaching and training offers the freedom to complete the program anywhere and anytime it is convenient for the athlete. The athlete controls the depth and pace of the courses and the retention rate is much higher in online training than onsite since athletes are learning at their own pace.

Online coaching and training can take the following forms:

• Online, interactive group training for groups up to 10 people based on a customized curriculum

• Online one-to-one coaching based on a customized curriculum (structured)

• Online one-to-one advisory session specific to the recipient

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