The Licensing and Implementation Process – How it works


All of our courses are licensed for use for a three-year period. The initial licensing cost covers the purchase of the license along with the Train-The-Trainer sessions and there are two subsequent annual charges which cover the cost of updates, five hours of training and support each year and the right to additional training at discounted rates. Upon the lapse of the three-year licensing period, the licenses can be renewed with a 25% discount off the list price. Upon renewal of the license, the Licensee will receive the new, updated curriculums along with the relevant updated materials and is entitled to applicable Train-The-Trainer sessions.

Train-The-Trainer Sessions

For each course license purchase we offer Train-The-Trainer sessions whereby we undertake the training of those charged with delivering the programs to the athletes. Each Train-The-Trainer session has a duration of 90 minutes and each course has its own designated number of sessions included in the licensing cost. These sessions may be done through skype or any other electronic medium the licensee chooses to use. If the Licensee requires additional Train-The-Trainer sessions, these are billed separately upon the delivery of each particular session and they are subject to a 25% discount off our standard hourly training rates.

Tailor-Made Courses/Course Modifications

We undertake the design and implementation of tailor-made courses to cater for the particular needs of our clientele. Course modification requests are accommodated and they are billed separately, upon the acceptance of a separate cost proposal which will be based on the estimated time to be spent, the required level of skill, and our standard fee rates. For more information on the contents of our courses, the licensing cost and payment terms, and the licensing procedure you may get in touch with us at info@apc-sport.com.

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