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Many of the factors that make an athlete financially vulnerable cannot be altered. Athletes will always have to make decisions for themselves and they will always be in charge of their own destiny through their actions.

The answer lies into educating and empowering athletes to make sound financial decisions by cultivating financial literacy as a life skill for athletes of all ages and levels.

Our industry experts have developed a number of tailor-made financial literacy curriculums and empowerment programs, which can be used by Sports Academies, Sports Clubs, Players’ Associations, National and International Sports Federations, to increase their athletes’ financial literacy and other life skills and encourage sound money management practices. Our standard curriculums and tailor-made programs are licensed out and along with the course content, we provide Train-The-Trainer sessions to enhance the experience of delivering the program content. Our courses and programs are updated annually and licensees are provided with the updated course materials.

Currently, there is lack of an organized global initiative in connection with the financial education of athletes.  We believe that the stakeholders of the sports industry can all contribute in establishing financial literacy as an integral part of an athlete’s training in the global sports arena.

Sports Federations, Associations and Leagues can enforce regulations through which there will be mandatory adoption and implementation of financial literacy courses for all their members.

Sports Clubs can integrate financial literacy programs as part of their CSR.  Curriculums which address an athlete’s financial life cycle can be implemented from the team’s academy level to the players of the main team.

Sports Academies can incorporate financial education and empowerment courses for their members in view of the fact that the age of learning is very important.  Financial Literacy is imprinted much easier at an earlier age when we are particularly receptive to learning or mapping different forms of information and, good financial habits become part of the young athletes’ everyday life for the rest of their lives.

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