Professional/Semi-professional Athlete Extended 10-Module Programs (Years 23+) – 30 teaching hours

Professional athletes, who are well into or near the end of their sports careers, have different financial needs and responsibilities than student athletes.  The more mature years of sports professionals usually include marriage and children issues, along with the financial commitments and worries that come with them; estate and inheritance planning considerations, and the list goes on.  In this particular program we cover what we consider to be some of the more important issues faced by sports professionals and try to pinpoint what athletes should look for and consider in order to avoid the many pitfalls already experienced by older sports professionals.

Our Professional/Semi-Professional Athlete comprehensive program includes financial goal setting, building and maintaining a financial freedom plan, creating a career and life plan, managing family and finances, and many more.  After all, fortunes are difficult to build but are easy to lose; this adage is particularly true in the case of sports professionals, who need to preserve their hard-earned wealth and make proper provisions for their later less-earning or non-earning years.  In our program modules we highlight a number of financial and life contingencies that athletes may face, both during their sports careers and beyond them, as well as the measures that can be put in place to deal with and mitigate them in the particular circumstances.  The following areas are covered in-depth by this curriculum with each module covering one particular area: 

o   The Financial Failure of Athletes – 2 hours

o   Financial Psychology – 2 hours

o   Your Winning Team of Advisors -2 hours

o   Personal Financial Planning, Savings & Budgeting – 4 hours

o   Banking, Credit and Debt – 3 hours

o   Risk Management & Insurance – 3 hours

o   Investments & Money Management – 4 hours

o   The Economic Environment, Contracts & Taxes – 3 hours

o   Commercializing your personal brand – 3 hours

o   Retirement from Sport, Entrepreneurship & Business Fundamentals – 4 hours 

Materials given to Licensees along with each module:

o   Teaching Material

o   Presentation which can be handed out to attendees

o   Recommended video library which will contain two videos to be utilized when presenting each module 

Implementation and Timing

There is a lot of flexibility in delivering this particular curriculum. The curriculum can be implemented either as a week-long workshop or it can be delivered in the form of weekly or monthly sessions.  The curriculum is licensed for a period of three years and we offer training to educators designated by the Licensee.  We conduct four 90-minute Train-The-Trainer sessions which are done via skype or any other electronic medium the Licensee wishes to use. 

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